D4 Odd Icons

Something appears to be odd with your installation… Because I do not see those icons, at least not on Mac.

I have those icons in Dorico Elements (Windows 10). I’ll be installing Dorico Pro on other PCs (Windows 10 and 11) in a few hours’ time.

Its rather sad to see the mess that’s been made of the UI. The purity has gone, some parts now look like cheap toys and completely alien, and there are things that might be OK on a tablet but don’t make sense with a mouse and keyboard.

Hopefully there’ll be a rethink once the Qt situation is more settled.

“It’s new, so I don’t like it. I don’t like, so it’s bad.”


It’s nothing to do with novelty. Do you really think there’s a consistency of style throughout the user interface? Looking at the previous versions side-by-side with v4, do you really there hasn’t been a decline in focus?

I might care more about these things than some others would but it doesn’t mean there aren’t some obvious problems. Previous versions were so well done that it’s been a nasty surprise.

Are you happy with the hub?

I’m quite satisfied with it, yes. I find the new toggles in the properties panel a huge improvement, and the UI overall is quite appealing. To each their own.

Here are more. Icons in the lower zone for fretboard and drums pads are odd.


I can’t agree with that. Not everyone is equally discerning.

I’m not criticising anything beyond some of the visual elements anyway. I need to work through the version history and experiment.

It sure seems like something is funky with your icons - mine on Mac look just like the ones in the (excellent) introductory videos. Maybe a language setting somewhere?

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Windows 10 - plain old US English localization. Never seen anything like this before.
I’ve uninstalled the fonts and reinstalled the app. Still there.

I think the new design is lovely, and even more efficient in its use of space. Here is a screenshot with an insane amount of microtonal accidentals. In 3.5, some of these accidentals were so big in the right-hand panel, that only four would fit in a row. Thanks Anthony and team, it’s beautiful!


How true that is.

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Do you mean “there are more icons, it looks more cluttered” in which case I sort of agree with you. Does it bother me? Nope. I’m enjoying the added functionality.

People, the OP reports that he simply sees different icons in Dorico 4 than we all see. Check his 2 screenshots. This is a valid bug report and has nothing to do with clutteredness or novelty.

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@Craig_F Please restart your computer. This is a font cache issue that often comes up on Windows computers after installing a newer version of an existing font. If that doesn’t help, check that you don’t somehow have Dorico Icons appearing in your Fonts folder or applet in Control Panel; the Dorico Icons font does not need to be installed, because Dorico loads it from inside its own folder, and if the font is actively installed then the installed version, which may not be up-to-date, can get used instead.


Thanks Daniel. Uninstalling the Dorico Icons font did the trick. I had already uninstalled Bravura, Bravura Text and Academico. I just needed to know the right font to uninstall.

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The two icons in the original post seem to be there by choice.

No, that’s incorrect. If you are also seeing them, you have the same problem as Craig, and you need to locate the Dorico Icons font installed on your computer and remove it.

Renaming DoricoIcons-Regular.ttf in the C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico3.5\fonts folder and rebooting did the trick: Dorico 4 now has the correct icons.



This solved my problem, too. Although I had to do the same thing also for my older Dorico versions. Thanks!

For the record: this problem can also occur on Mac.