D4 Piano Notation - Tied Note Underneath with Crossing of Left Hand in Bass Clef - Clef Issue?

Intending for it to be played by a human. CC64 takes care of the two bass notes ringing out so it’s not a playback problem. I’m not a professional pianist so I’m going to have to understand the sostenuto pedal for the future! Got a lot of solutions from everyone here. Thanks!

I think you are getting wrapped up in notation issues without having resolved exactly what you want to hear.

Remember, on a piano, once a note is struck and released, it will stop sounding unless the sustain pedal is pressed. But, if the sustain pedal is pressed it will affect the sound of all the other notes being played (so your semiquavers will sound mushy).

Do you really want the bass to be held? And if so, at the expense of mushy semiquavers? And if not, how will you resolve the physical problem of how the player can hold the bass note for the duration you want, whilst simultaneously crossing hands to play the top note?

These are practical considerations that can easily lead the novice composer to appear foolish in the concert hall, where you cannot hide behind a CC64 message.

With the sostenuto pedal (if you have one) just the first three Fs could be caught without sustaining any of the other semiquavers, and for that matter if the low Fs are pedal notes from bar 1 they could be caught silently before commencing bar 1, thus leaving the higher F unsustained.

I am sure there are quite a few examples of piano music notated on more than two staves. How about composers like Grainger, Ives, Stockhausen, Sorabji? I dont have scores available to prove this supposition, but see no principle that would forbid a third stave for the two bars above.


That was in response to “why not duplicate the instrument”, which I took to mean “show two pianos, one above the other”. This is not the same thing as showing a third staff on a single grand staff.


*organist giggles to himself


A more exrtreme example (from p. 1350 of the manual…):


Oh dear. I’ve now got vertigo! I finally setup my 88 keyboard with the pedal which wasn’t working on my old Korg X5D when I was playing/notating the example. The director has chosen another cue anyway which has a minim and then hands crossing in crotchets. More straightforward to notate. I also have a pianist on board so feeling more confident. I do have an honours degree in Composition so I’m not scared of a concert hall! Cheers folks.