D4 Running in task manager but doesn't open

Under C:/Users/[yourname]/Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps , are there any recent crash dumps? If so, please zip them up and post here.

I have rebooted the computer.
Ulf: there are no recent crash dumps after 2/13

I did get the D4 splash screen but about 6-7 minutes after trying to open D4. It displayed the “waiting for audio engine” but was hanging. Vst audio engine did show in the task bar but it’s like it wasn’t being found by Dorico.

Does it matter that it was running in the apps section of the task manager and now it’s showing in background processes?

With this kind of problem I would normally End Task on Dorico in the task manager, then delete the contents of the following folder:

[C:\Users[useraccountname]\AppData\Local\Temp\Dorico 4

Then relaunch.

Please download Process Explorer and run it. Pretty much at the end of the list you should find the Dorico or VSTAudioEngine process. Do a right click and from the pop-up menu choose Create Dump > Create Mini Dump. Then zip it up and post here please.

This popped up; possible source of error?
stalkpiece: tried you suggestion but did not work,

Try to reboot once more and start again. Same message?

Dorico4.zip (793.3 KB)

Just as a side note, you are still running Dorico 4.0.0 but a free update to 4.0.10 is available.
I’m now looking at the dump file…

The dump file shows that Dorico is hanging while initializing the licensing system.
If you look at Process Explorer, does it show beneath Dorico as sub process the SteinbergLicenseEngine.exe (and possibly also Synsopos.exe)?

SteinbergLicenseEngine.dmp (755.5 KB)
I didn’t see a notice of the update to 4.0.1

Dorico4.dmp.zip (634.3 KB)

Okay, the second Dorico dump shows that it is now waiting for the audio engine. Is the audio engine process around when you look in Process Explorer?
If not, can you launch it by double clicking C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Dorico 4/VSTAudioEngine/VSTAudioEngine5.exe?
First a splash screen shall appear and then the process shall go into the background but staying there so you should be able to see in Process Explorer? Does it do?

This is what I get:

D 4 was working fine yesterday.

Then the audio engine is also hanging, so please do again, from Process Explorer, create a mini dump from the audio engine process. Thanks.

Did you install something yesterday or today? Something must have changed that Dorico is not running anymore all of a sudden.

VSTAudioEngine5.dmp (2.6 MB)

I haven’t added any new programs

I did delete an old 3.5 e-license file this morning but after the trouble started

What did you delete? Can you still recover it from the Recycle Bin?
It’s already late here, I will have a look at the audio engine dump tomorrow…

It was the audio engine from 3.5 which I thought was no longer needed. I have restored it.