D4 Strange accidental behavior

Please note I’m using a new computer and have Dorico 4. In the first pic the ‘e’ was selected with no accidental in front of it. I advanced the caret to the next beat and a natural appeared in front of the ‘e’ even tho the caret was behind it. I then wanted a g natural so I hit zero and it put a natural on the ‘g’ and it showed briefly then still put a sharp in front of the g. I even tried clicking on the natural sign in the left panel but it kept reverting to a sharp. I’ve D4 for about a week now and this just started happening, Maybe I’m overlooking something?

A project file would help a lot. I tried recopying the last 2 bars – with 2 different cross-staff schemes – and haven’t seen any accidental weirdness so far. (The quarter rest is a clue: have you switched staves at that point? And how did you get the tuplet numbers positioned there, by hand?)

One thing: Clicking on the ♮ button with the caret showing applies it to the next note you enter. To change the selected note you have to exit note entry.

Here’s a silent project file, thanks:

newpnoidea.dorico (729.8 KB)

Well, and steps to reproduce the issue. The file has no notes after bar 25, and none that match the ones in the screenshot, so I don’t know what to try.

Thanks for looking, I’m not sure why the complete score (as far as I’ve gotten) didn’t load. I tried it again and it worked but that’s not the first time I’ve had unexpected behavior with accidentals in D4,

I figured it out. Note entry was set to put note then accidental in. Never had this problem with 3.5

Good to know for the future. (Always more settings to learn about.)