D4 XML import bug?

Just imported a score from Musescore via XML.

The guitar part which was Score and TAB is somehow doubled and bracketed completely. I do not know how to get rid of the extra staves. Also, it has named the guitar Acoustic guitar in C, despite all the names in Setup showing otherwise normal acoustic guitar.

When I first imported it showed two staves of TAB. I then went to setup and the selection TAB only was checked, selected both Notation and TAB - and then got the doubled staves.
Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 18.02.13

In MusicXML notation staves and tab staves are completely independent, whereas in Dorico they are linked. When Dorico imports MusicXML, it has to try and work out whether adjacent staves belong to the same instrument or not, to decide whether to combine them, and it does this by looking to see if there are any differences between the two. This isn’t guaranteed to work, however, as the original score may have small differences between two staves that really belong to the same instrument. There are some options at the very bottom of the MusicXML Import page of Preferences that control this (behind an “Advanced Options” disclosure).

Thanks @Richard_Lanyon - tried adjusting settings but no better result.

I deleted the TAB from the Musescore version and re-exported XML, this will work fine. Interestingly it also cured the “Acoustic Guitar in C” problem.