D5.1 Text Export Issues

Hi Dorico team,

I am very happy to see that now Dorico 5.1 can export text content. I especially want to export the project info and lyrics of my hymnal projects. However it seems not handling Chinese characters properly. I see garbled characters, many file path data and could not easily tell the data structure to make best use of.

I’ve attached one sample project file and its exported PDF/CSV files. Hope you can spend some time look into them to see if there is something wrong and how to fix it.

Thank you!

001 頌讚獨一真神 - 2023-12-21.pdf (84.1 KB)
R1 T1 - 001 頌讚獨一真神.dorico (1.1 MB)
TJC 525 Hymnal CHT 001-525 - Full score.zip (2.0 KB)

This looks ok to me: For each text you have a line that consists of the path, the ID, flow number, flow name, instrument, page, bar, type and text. (See the first line, these are the headers of the columns.) All fields are surrounded by " and separated by ,.

So if you look at line number 20 for example, you see the path of the file, then all the other data, and the last but one item is the type “Lyric (Verse line 3 Below)”, ant then the last item is the very text, being “聖”.

P.S.: “CSV” stands for “Comma separated values” - and that’s exactly what you see here: values separated by commas :wink:

Thank you Estigy,

I found that the Chinese characters in CSV opened with my Excel are not being displayed correctly.
I tried to open it with Windows notepad and the Chinese text is looking fine.
So maybe it just a Excel thing, I’ll try to see how to fix it in Excel.

Now I solved it. Turns out I need to import the CSV into Excel with correctly text encoding!

Yeah, Excel and text encodings are not quite what you would call best friends :wink:
Great you solved it!