D5 crash when closing app (crash on exit)

Hi, everything works fine in Dorico 5. But often when I am finished working, save, and I close Dorico, a report shows that Dorico crashed in the same moment as I close it. When I reopen Dorico, it asks to send the report to Steinberg, (what I do every time). I use also Cubase 11 Pro. (On this last crash Cubase was open when I closed Dorico.)
I wonder if someone of the Team can find out what causes it and give some advice.

I found other threads with this, for example:

Maybe I overlooked an already existing solution?

I attach the Diagnostic after the last crash.
Thank you.

(Dorico , iMac 2020 27", 3.6 10 cores i9 , 128GB Ram, 2TB SSD , Ventura 13.5)

Dorico 5-2023-08-20-014331.ips (54.9 KB)
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (791.1 KB)


Do you use PianoTeq? I’ve been communicating with them last month and they released 8.1.3 ten days ago to fix this (among other things).

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I don’t use pianoteq. I work mostly with Note Performer 3.

Ok. I also experience some crashes with Relab Development’s LX480, and I hope they will release an update to fix it… Still, I don’t think NotePerformer is guilty in any of those shut-down crashes.

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And NP has a free update to version 4, which might be worth trying even if one decides not to use the NPSE add-ons.


@Christian_R, it looks like Dorico is crashing when trying to close the Preferences dialog. Do you have the Preferences dialog open at the time you’re quitting the application? If you make sure it’s not open, does that make any difference?


@dspreadbury , thank you for replying on a Sunday!! And thank you for finding out the reason of my crashes :slight_smile:

I can confirm that Dorico crashes only if the Prefences window is open at the moment of quitting Dorico and doesn’t crash when I close the Preferences window before quitting Dorico.

As always a stellar Support!! Thank you very much!

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Thanks for confirming. For the time being you can make sure that you close the Preferences dialog before you quit Dorico, but we’ll take a look at trying to avoid this crash altogether in a future version.


I’m gerting a crash on quiting Dorico 5 as well. I’m running an Apple M2 on Ventura. I don’t have the prefercnes dialog open.

Hi @future-relics, please do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

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Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.1 MB)

Here you go

Thanks for the data @future-relics.
We’ll take a look but please be a little patient since we entered into weekend.

No problem. It’s not a problem thats halting work. I just notice it happening when I close Dorico.

One of your crashes seems to be in the Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2 plug-in (I believe a common problem with JUCE-based plug-ins). It might be worth sending the VST audio engine crash to the support team at UA.

Two of the other Dorico crashes are ones we have seen before, and which we believe we have fixed in our development builds, so those should no longer be a problem once the next update arrives. Sorry in the meantime for the inconvenience.

Ah ok, thank you! I updated tom Sonoma this week and now Dorico is not crashing when closing.

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I should try that then… because I have soooo many plug-ins that make Dorico crash at shutdown, and I’ve been disturbing Ulf and all those plug-in developers about that for two months… Once I have finished a big project I’m working on, I’ll install Sonoma and will test that !