D5 for IPad is shifting notes automatically

I want to delete the first measure of a score, which is empty (screenshot at the bottom) . I mark the measure and press the trash button. The result is ( screenshot above ) : all notes have been shifted and the measure isn’t deleted. Why?

The problem is that you only delete the contents of the pick-up bar, not the definition of the pick-up bar itself, so Dorico will helpfully re-arrange everything to keep it… What might help: select the first barline, insert an explicit ¾ there (without pick-up), then delete the the first TS signpost and the pick-up bar via the system track as you did before.
(NB: I didn’t try it to check)

The problem as I see it is that the system track has no effect on the first meter.

Please try to delete the first measure . I really don’t understand what’s going on then.
Vaya Con Dios.dorico (1.0 MB)

you can delete measures/bars with the help of the system track. The upbeat is not a measure, so try to delete the time signature flag first. I think that’s what you want in the first place (having a piece with a regular 3/4 time signature and no upbeat).

I’m using the desktop version of Dorico, so it might be a bit different on the iPad version, but here is how I deleted the pickup bar containing the rest and started the music with the first note in the first complete bar.

  1. Turn Insert mode on
  2. Select the pickup bar using the System Track
  3. Press the Delete key (not the Trash icon in the System Track)
  4. Turn Insert mode off
  5. Select the first note
  6. Insert a 3/4 time signature (shift-M, 3/4, Enter)

Hope that helps.

OOPS! Looks like I deleted the key signature as well, That’s easily fixed, though.
7. Select the first note
8. Insert a G major key signature (shift-K, G, Enter)

Thanks for your help . At least I figured it out, but it’s quite complicated. I have to delete the time signature , insert a new time signature and then I can delete the measure. Why must it be so tidious?

You can do it more easily than @StevenJones01’s method.

  1. add a 3/4 time signature to the first full bar (shift-M 3/4).
  2. select the rest in the pickup bar and remove the whole bar (shift-B -1)

Dorico separates musical time (where notes sit in relation to each other), from how it is split up into bars with time signatures. Once you get your head around this, many others features fall into place quite logically.

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