D5: Slash Chord Bug?


If enter a slash chord like Cmaj7/G I get the slash positionned like in the settings below:

But if I enter Cmaj9/G I get the slash aligned horizontally and the root size becomes reduced :-/

What’s wrong here? Thanks.

I’m guessing it’s some override of some sort. Can you post a cutdown file that exhibits this behavior, even if it’s only a bar or two?

Here is cutdown file @FredGUnn Thanks for your help.
slash chord bug.dorico (1.1 MB)

You have overrides set for both of these. The Cmaj7/G is an override for a single chord:

And the Cmaj9/G is a project-wide override:

I don’t have the font you are using, but if I remove the overrides, then they both appear like this: