D8Bridge is ready! (The D8B -> MCU software)

Hello everyone,

A few years ago I was frustrated that there was no solution for a 24 faders controller available for Nuendo. I decided to do my own and I based it on an old Mackie D8B Console.

Fast forward to today, the software is now ready and works wonders! It’s been developed mainly for Nuendo as it’s been my main DAW for years but it’s compatible with anything that talks MCU really.

Check it out guys, let me know what you think! --> http://www.bluaudio.org/d8bridge

Cheers all,

I applaud your efforts sir. Amazing how you managed to beat Steinberg to the punch!

Now this is too awesome!
Why can’t Steinberg and Yamaha work together to build something like this?
Is there any wonder why there is bleeding of users to Pro Tools?