Dagging clips between tracks - automation lane issue

Am I doing something silly here? (probably). If I have an automation lane open on a track (for, say, volume), and drag a clip on that track (including its automation) to another track, I cannot drop it unless the same automation lane is open on that track. This can’t be right, can it? Is there a checkbox I missed or something?

I don’t know of a pref that could make that happen… I just tried it here and was able to drag a clip from a track with automation lane open (with automation on it or not) to one without one open. (in a new project).

Can you isolate it further? It could be a bug or corrupt prefs or…

Apologies - will amend the OP for clarity - the issue only happens when the automation is also selected.

Seeing the same thing. Feels like as-designed, with the paradigm being that you can’t drag an event onto a closed folder to move it. Activating Automation Follows Events allows you to drag the event along with its unselected automation to the new track.

Thanks Steve - I guess toggling automation follows events is the least painful way forward.