Dahsed barline between custom groups?

I am editing a score with custom instrument groups; there are 2 duos:
Sax & Vibraphone
Alto flute & piano

Is it possible to have a dashed barlines between those groups only, leaving the barlines on the systems (and within the piano brace) solid?

Should be –

If you mean you want dashed barlines on those staves independently of other staves in the system, input independent barlines on those staves (which first requires independent time signatures)

@Lillie_Harris Thanks for the links (which I of course read before I posted my question), but these do not answer my problem – well, at least they don’t help me find the solution.

I should have posted a better screenshot, which I am doing now:

The barlines encircled in red are the ones, that I would like to see dashed. Can Dorico do that? And if so, how?

Yes, input a dashed barline. However, that will also be dashed inside the staves, not only between them.

But that’s what I am asking: Is there a way to have only the bar line between 2 staves of a group dashed, leaving the solid one on the staff untouched?