Daisy chain 2 MR816's and using it with another DAW


am I doing something wrong here?

I’m using an 2014 iMac, 2 MR816’s daisy chained as per instructions using a fireable, and then unit 1 fire wired into the thunderbolt port using an adapter.

DAW’s are Cubase 7 and Protools 11, Logic x and Ableton

I want to use Protools, with both MR units.

Now then - When opening Cubase with the two units set up like this, Cubase find both MR units and I can receive audio on all 16 input channels…everything is good

but when using this set up with Protools 11 it will not recognise the second MR unit.

What am I doing wrong. I’ve read the manual…I’ve pressed every possible button on the MR editor.

In The MR editor in the DAW section, when I play a track in protools there is signal there, but when clicking on the 2 unit, there is no signal in the DAW section.

I have tried this with Logic and Ableton and its the same, yet open Cubase and it works just fine

Please help!!! I’ve followed the manual to the letter!



You may have to create the INPUT and OUTPUT busses in Protools and assign those inputs and outputs from the second MR there.

A work around would be to use ADAT cables and hook up the second unit to the first using ADAT optical. Only issue there would be your limit on sample rate 48/44.1 only. S/MUX compatible, 4 in and 4 out @ 192kHz as well though

Hit up member Norbury Brook as he daisy chains these as well