Daisy Export

Hey PG,

does WL7 output the “Daisy”-Format?
Is this planned for the future?


What is that? :confused:

It’s a format for digital books, containing a combination of text and audio with metadata. The audio may be 16-bit PCM, MP3 or AAC at 44.1kHz, 22.05kHz or 11.025kHz only.


A DAISY book can be explained as a set of digital files that includes:
One or more digital audio files containing a human narration of part or all of the source text;
A marked-up file containing some or all of the text (strictly speaking, this marked-up text file is optional);
A synchronization file to relate markings in the text file with time points in the audio file; and
A navigation control file which enables the user to move smoothly between files while synchronization between text and audio is maintained.


I will have a look, but this seems very specialized.

It is used quite a lot in the UK for talking books for those visually impaired.


Here`s a little more about it, how it is done using Audacity