damaged e-licenser

Hi, I have very strange things happening now - Nuendo stopped loading, crashing with errors when loading. Nevertheless, there are also successful download attempts (every eighth approximately). In the control center for USB licenses, the key appears normally, and (or) it is missing, or it is damaged. I copied the license to my other dongle by dragging and dropping in the License Control Center. But the problem remained in a different dongle.
I’m starting to think about the USB buses, because. on a MacBook with both dongles, there is no such problem. I on my WS updated the BIOS to the latest version, the chipset, dropped the default BIOS settings, turned off all USB devices except for the mouse and keyboard from the USB. The problem hasn’t gone away. I tried to boot from another hard drive (with win10) on my workstation - the same problems. The USB port itself looks absolutely working when using external drives and other license keys (not steinberg)

any help, thx

Try running e-licenser as Admin. I was having similar issues with Cubase, following a recent W10 update.

Thanks for the option, but it didn’t help. WIN 10 says that the USB device cannot be recognized

Tell me where to contact support if there is no dealer support in my area
Support page has no other contacts

Try uninstalling elicenser, then installing latest version, then run as administrator.

this was done, the latest version e licencer with uninstall and trying in new copy win10 and run as administrator, there is no result