Damaged E-Licenser

So i just moved and re-hooked up my mobile studio setup in my new apartment. Unfortunately i had a bag full of power supplies and accidently put the wrong power supply on my powered usb hub. It fried my cc121 and my e-licenser. Any ideas on how i can get a replacement e-licenser for my cubase 6.5? Sucks bad.

Contact Steinberg support

Dude I feel your pain. Something always manages to either disappear or get damaged every time I move. Hope you get it sorted soon.

In any case, you will need to buy a dongle. I believe that if your current broken or lost elicenser is registered at mysteinberg.net (since you are posting here it would seem to be) they will enable you to transfer the license to another elicenser via the elicenser app.

Best of luck.

Yes, it is super easy to hook up the wrong wall wart and fry stuff. After learning the hard way myself, I got a label maker at OfficeMart and put a tag (around the wire near the female plug–can’t come off) on each wall wart so I won’t fry any more gear! (At least with THIS particular mistake!)