Damn it - unwanted reverb is back!

Not this crap again.

Since you didn’t list any specifics I will only give you a thought…

Maybe there is a reverb turned on in your audio interface (AI). Maybe?

You might hear it if your AI has some kind of direct monitoring activated along with the reverb.

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The reverb is only in the headphones (I’m using the Phones 1 output of the UR44). Nothing is sent the the FX Bus. Reverb isn’t recorded either.

Well at least now you have listed the UR44…
The UR44 has a feature named “Latency Free Monitoring with FX”. If that was activated it would sound and act just as you describe. I don’t have a UR44 so I don’t know exactly how it works on that unit but my Presonus audio interface has a similar feature. It is activated when in the Presonus universal control center (not Cubase). That similar function is available in the UR44. You should review the UR44 manual as I believe it is controlled in Cubase as the UR44 and Cubase are somewhat integrated.

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It appears to be a malfunction of some kind. Today the problem was gone as mysterious as it came. The thing is though - these random issues just kill a day’s work.

Open DSP app and set send to zero. problem solved