Damn my Leslie crapped out

Went to start up my Hammond and bang, nothing. First time that has ever happened to me in um-teen years.
Good thing it happened at the house. Power from the organ dropped, somehow, that activates the Leslie.
Lucky I have a friend that repairs musical equipment. He came over and found the problem. All is well now.
Has that ever happened to any of you having the organ, Leslie or amp crap out on a gig? Never to me.

Damn back at ya Jack. First, what the hell, you got an organ with a leslie? How cool is that? Second, all things break. Glad to hear you got er fixed as fast as you did. Love the sound you got going on over there.

Take Care,


I know a Leslie I’d like to attach to my organ :laughing:

USB or firewire?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Ok this made me laugh out loud.

Gee – I wonder what is on Steves mind? :astonished:

Howdy Jack,

What was the problem, old electrolytic cap(s) and/or bad tube(s)?

Electrolytic caps have a lifespan; typically about 10 years. Even so, there are lots of ancient Fenders that still work despite never having those caps replaced. Problem is, when they blow they can spew molten electrolyte all over the innards taking out other parts in the process.

Glad it’s bad in operation for you. :slight_smile:

Some how it ended up with reverse polarity.

That’s weird.

By the way … the latest Mac OSX version has this infernal “spell correction” feature that plays havoc with my primitive typing skill … I meant to say “Glad it’s back in operation for you” … not “bad in operation”.

I can’t think of a way polarity would reverse unless it has a silicon diode rectifier circuit and one-or-more diodes went bad. Strange.

Don’t worry about the spelling. I new what you meant.

What’s better than roses on your piano???

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp: :mrgreen: :wink:

Is it a model 122? Does it have reverb?

Here’s a link to a 122 schematic:



Solid state (diodes) rectification.

Tube driven push-pull power amp (pair of 6550 output tubes).

One tube tremolo circuit (1/2 of a 12AU7A dual triode, the other half of the triode is not used) that ties into the LTP Phase Inverter. Interesting design.

LTP Phase Inverter driven by both sides of dual triode 12AU7A.

A choke (reducing ripple current and dropping about 10V), standard power supply electrolytic caps (which must be replaced about every ten years), and a beefy 10K ohm 7-watt resistor in the power string.

Sorry I haven’t responded sooner but I have been away for a couple of days. I find it quite surprising that so many of you are trying to figure out what was wrong with my Leslie. When I said " My Leslie crapped out" it was a wee bit misleading. My Leslie crapped out because it did not get the correct voltage from the Hammond to activate the Leslie. The Leslie and the Hammond each have their own power supply. The Hammond, however,when started up then starts the Leslie to project the sounds vibratos, chorus etc… My Lesley is an HL-722 and my Hammond is a B3000. My Lesley 122 and B3 are up in Poughkeepsie, New York. I left it there with my cousin when I moved to Florida since I have no need for it any longer and he does have a use for it. When I bought the B3 it was only $3000
new back in 1984. I picked up the B3000 for a song about 9 or ten years ago. Sorry if I was misleading. It was not meant to be at all. If I had known you guys were so into the repair I would have called you in stead of my friend.
I do have the schematic’s for both the Leslie and Hammond. Thanks for you concern. The fact is the reason I had it repaired is because I have been in the process of trying to find a church that needs an organ. This area has a lot of churches and I thought it would be better used in one of them.

Fun Fact 01: Laurens Hammond hated Donald Leslie’s speakers! :laughing:

Fun Fact 02: http://www.facebook.com/leslie.hammond.33