Damnation (metal song)

Hello guys, I want to show you a song we did with cubase. Its called Damnation. Feel free to give us comments. Take care


Heavy indeed, enjoyed the listen but would have preferred a bit more “light and shade” such as the bit around .1.24 to 1.40 ish…more of that would’ve been good for me, strong stuff though , sort of a very heavy Nightwish.


Good observation, those riffs in that section could have been mixed lower/filtered to make it calmer and yet more sinister, whereas 1.42 could have come back full force.

Nice track, especially nice effort on the vocals, I know firsthand how hard those are to pull off. The chorus vocals remind me a bit of the All that Remains track “The Last Time.”

yeh nice one mate ,i actually went to see Nightwish at the Manchester Apollo a year or two ago, but only cause my missus dragged me along .the mix is a little dense but there is lots of energy nice one.

Very cool :sunglasses:
Like the vocals a lot :smiley: