dangerous bug in pluginmanager

In Cubase 10.0.10 (maybe before as well…) on Windows 10 this has happened to me just now:

  1. Go to plugin manager --> “edit/create own collection” (the tiny black arrow far right top) and now DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT A BACKUP of your Cubase user settings folder:

“Remove unavailable plugins from all collections”

ALL plugins from ALL user collections are now deleted! (The only collection that still works is the default one).

  1. To reconstruct this behaviour, I then stopped Cubase 10, renamed “old Cubase 9.5 user settings folder” and deleted “Cubase 10 user settings folder”.
  • to be able to set up a “virgin” user profile without taking over settings from v9.5…
  1. Start Cubase 10 again:
  • now new userprofile will be set up with default settings
  1. Again Plugin manager --> New collection --> Some plugins added --> AND… “Remove unavailable plugins from all collections”
    ! Same behaviour !

  2. Same test in Cubase 9.5

  • OK… Everything worked as it should

Be aware of that bug, if you spent a lot of work in sorting your own plugins ! You will loose it ALL!

As a workaround you can save this file (after Cubase shutdown):

Windows Startmenu —> Steinberg --> Cubase --> user settings folder <-- open it and backup this file:


The search function in plugin manager, as well as in the channel inserts does not work correctly since 9.x !

  • go to plugin manager and search for “Steinberg” (count results) and then count your own results…

  • type first letters of a plugin that exists and then some gibberish and see what is gonna happen…
    – it should display “nothing” but…


I’m working on this.


I feel your pain, and had tried to warn people about this but my post didn’t get much traction at the time.




I just wonder, what is the expected result here. What are “available” plug-ins. Where are the plug-ins available?