Dangerous Music AD+

Hi there,
I’ve purchased a Dangerous Music AD+, it’s an analogue to digital converter. From Cubase 11, I go out with some stems in a Dangerous 2 Bus + which is kind of an analogue summing mixer. From there going into the AD+ converter to record the stems back in Cubase as a stereo file. I create a track in Cubase with AD+ as input. I also have prior to that created a stereo input bus and chose the AD+ as the input. What I’d like to know, is that prior to recording, I whish to hear the sound going through the converter, because there is a transformer option and I’d like to hear the effect before recording. I do not know how to do this, if I unmute the stereo track with monitor option on or unmute the input bus, I have a like phasy sound, something weird, and when I play with the transformer knob there is no hearing effect. I’ve tried a lot of things but I cannot find the solution. I’m not very good with connections and things like that and it would be wonderful if someone here could help me…
Sorry for my poor English.

Thank you