Danny Boy/Londonderry Air - Gtr Arr by Steven Faile (aMUSEd)

Hi all - this is my arrangement of Danny Boy/Londonderry Air played on my 514CE recorded with a Bluebird Blue microphone. Elixir Strings (12’s). It’s a modified “C tuning” from lowest to high the strings are tuned C-G-D-G-B-E.

This is the best solo acoustic recording I’ve gotten to date and am using minimal compression/effects/limiting.

All comments welcomed. I am curious to know also how you are hearing this (i.e. earbuds, studio monitors/speakers)



Great ,nice version,nearly sounded like a Tommy Emmanuel version if you`d have run off into an improvised section,you should try using soundcloud the site you upoload to is a bit of a pain.ta for posting this.

Thanks polgara! The TE comparison is high praise wow…thanks so much for that :slight_smile:

What’s the issue with mixcloud? I started posting there because I could upload better quality files with less compression. To me, both soundcloud and mixcloud are kind of a pain in the neck but when it’s free I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much…

I notice some folks here are using band camp so I may look into that.

Thanks again!

its no big deal really its just when you want to leave the page a box comes up saying “do you really want to leave the page” (or words to that effect )and it sort of gets my goat up a bit having to leave the page twice Grrr ! its ok im better now .

yeah i have an account with Bandcamp, its fine ,i think it may be better quality im not sure ,there is no visual wave form though , i think people like soundcloud cause they can see what kind of a noise they are making.

Absolutely brilliant :slight_smile: sounded beautiful and clean…what a nice recording! played it very loud on my monitors and sounded fantasmagorical…you should have a go at Classical gas…would love to hear you doing that!

agree with polgara regarding mixcloud…

I use Bandcamp and Soundcloud and can’t hear any diff in quality…but then I have got cloth ears :frowning:

well done mate…Kevin :slight_smile:

regarding Soundcloud are you aware that you can upload full wav files? I believe the accounts are time based not file size based.
was this the problem regarding quality? ie you didn’t want to upload MP3’s?
or have missed the point somewhere :blush:

best… :slight_smile:

Many thanks Kevin! Very very pleased to hear you were blasting it and the mix still held up! :slight_smile: It’s amazing how difficult a single guitar can be to record properly.

I was told by others that mixcloud doesn’t compress as badly as soundcloud or youtube. Is that misinformation?

Thanks…I’m all smiles for the positive comments!

where was the mike/ mic (spelling dilemma lol) placement ,nice sound.

The mic was perpendicular the guitar with the top pointed towards the 15th fret where the body and neck join. Probably 10-12 inches away to avoid the proximity effect. I’m usually guilty of getting bass heavy/muddy mixes so I tried to do everything I could to avoid that. It could prob use a little more color but I’ll give my ears a break from it first.

I think you should leave it alone, it doesn’t need more colour, sounds great as is :slight_smile:

dunno about the compression stuff regarding the music sites, all I know is I can’t hear any diff from a wav on Soundcloud and a wav on Bandcamp

best, Kevin

Thanks again Kevin! So here’s a potentially really dumb question (pls be gentle lol) I recorded the guitar at 96k 32bit float for the 1st time. I had a couple of audio drop outs at first but then rebooted everything and no issues. Until I was mixing and inserted 3 fx channels and used sends from the mono gtr track and to my surprise the fx were all in mono. I checked to ensure the contol room was set to stereo and confirmed I had chosen stereo instances of the fx plugins but none of the fx I was hearing was in stereo. mono only. Finally I I inserted UAD Emt 140 on the stereo bus and voila! The plate was in full stereo width but the same plugin on the fx channel was mono.

I’m certain there is a simple answer but I assumed d the fx tracks were stereo by default. Did the 96k resolution play a part in this? I’ve never experienced the issue before with mono tracks being sent to stereo effects

yer askin the wrong guy my friend, I’m not at all technical, I just like writing songs and doing whats necasery to get them out there, I usually fail miserably in the process, hopefully a brainy person will step in and answer your question.

there is a lot of discussion regarding recording at 96 and from what I’ve read so far it seems it serves no real purpose because everything (apparently) ends up at 16 anyway and 96 includes a lot of stuff that the human ear cannot pick up…
and you end up with bigger files :frowning:

long live music :slight_smile:

best to you, Kevin

Kevin totally agreed on the tech aspect :slight_smile: and was aware of the file size…but…It’s an option so my curiosity got the best of me to see if I could do it. I normally record at 32bit 48k and don’t downgrade/dither until the final mix export. To your point though it prob makes little to no difference in the end.

I always think about the muso’s back in the day recording on 4 or maybe a fantastic 8 tracks and producing worldwide hits,
this reflection always makes me feel extremely good about the gear I have and whats poss with it…16 bit is fine IMHO.

your track would’ve sounded good recorded on tape back in the day…even if it had a bit of tape hiss, recently watched an interview with George Harrison who said “i like a bit of tape hiss”

best to you, Kevin :slight_smile:

I saw someone post on another infamous recording forum something like “Imagine how much better Dark Side Of The Moon would’ve sounded if Pink Floyd had used better cables”. :slight_smile: That pretty much says it all lol.

yet DSOTM was one of the biggest ever selling albums…I think that answers the question regarding 96 kwhatsits :laughing:

ooh! ill take the offer of being Brainy for a day.fx channels can be mono or stereo ,check the fx channel you may have loaded a mono fx channel ,ill play it safe now ,i think.

Ok (won’t be at pc for a few days to confirm but) if memory serves while in mixer window I right clicked the mono track to add fx tracks and just assumed it defaulted to stereo. Will pay closer attention just odd I never ran across this issue before.

Well played! I think the sound is very good, I can’t give you any suggestions. Very satisfying! Thanks for posting it.

Many thanks! I’ve always loved the melody but wanted to do a different take on the arrangement as opposed to the more traditional route. Thanks for listening and commenting.


Sounds great! I wouldn’t change a thing!