Dante-Nuage direct monitoring problem

It seems impossible to get the direct signal out of the Dante board through Nuendo using the Direct Monitoring function.

When using Direct Monitoring, the signal does not pass the Nuendo engine.
It is directly routed back from the hardware input.
In other words, when using DM, the signal never reaches Nuendo.


Thank you Fredo, however, I do not understand the Direct Monitoring function in the i/o section of the Nuage setup

Not sure what you’re trying but wouldn’t it be easier using Control Room in Nuendo?

When I got my Nuage I couldn’t understand the Direct Monitoring I/O window either so asked Yamaha (through Steinberg) to explain it to me. Turns out they don’t understand it either, and they designed it. On my system the ‘Connected’ assignments don’t even match up to where they’re connected in Control Room and my I/O!

I still can’t believe that on such an expensive I/O Yamaha didn’t add any form of reverb/effect capability to the Direct Monitoring. Only way to add a verb/effect to a singer is to use a 2nd cue for the vocal only and an external mixer to get the 2 cues and a verb into the headphones!

Of course, if you’re just doing ADR only you don’t need a verb etc. on the mic which is fine but for music recording the Nuage I/O and Direct Monitoring are practically useless. Shoddy design limitation for such an expensive system.

AFAIK, the Nuage routing panel is meant for controlling the MMP1.
You can even control the MMP1 (and have the complete Control Room system working) without having Nuendo loaded.
I didn’t set up our system like that, so I have no experience with it.

Agreed that not being able to send reverb to DM is a PITA, but that is simply how the system works.
Has little to do with Steinberg, that’s simply how the whole RME/ASIO thing works.
Signals never leave the Hardware unit.

You can make it happen by using Totalmix.
The RME totalmix software allows you to duplicate channels and route them to additional destination(s).
There are tutorials on Youtube.