Dark color scheme

I can’t find a way to get a dark color scheme like Greg Ondo’s one here:
My darkest color scheme attempt so far was a medium grey, I’d like a blackish one instead. Any suggestions? Many thanks.

I think that’s just the default Scheme he’s using– if it’s not working look up and do a Cubase Safe Start Mode startup.

Thanks Steve, I have selected the default scheme too, but my grey is a lot lighter than Greg’s almost black one… Also, I already tried trashing preferences, but then I got the same results. Maybe on Mac one gets different colors? It sounds unlikely to me though…

BTW on my system Safe Mode doesn’t work. Yesterday, I’ve put a message in the issue section of the forum:
“I cannot access safe mode in C10.0.10. It works on 9.5.40 (never tried on C10.05). I mean hitting ctrl-shift-alt when the splash screen appears. Nothing happens, i.e. Cubase starts normally. I’m on Windows 8.1.”

You don’t have to wait for the splash screen.

Thanks again Steve, that worked! I was waiting for the splash screen because it’s stated on the pdf manual p. 1102:

"Disabling the Preferences

  1. Quit Cubase.
  2. Launch Cubase, and when the splash screen appears, hold down Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-Alt…"

The “wait for the splash screen…” bit works for C9.5 but not for C10 (at least on my system).

Anyway, the color thing is still the same…

I’ve been installing C10 on a different PC, With Windows 10 on and which never saw any Cubase, but the install seems to take forever, so I’ll let you know.
Thanks again.

Could it be your monitor calibration? My default (on a Mac) looks just like the video.

At last, I was able to install C10 on the Win10 PC (had a “not enough space” and all sort of subsequent problems…). I confirm on the Win10 PC, C10 looks like Greg’s one indeed.

On the other hand, on the Win 8.5 PC the problem is definitely my monitor, that doesn’t manage well the lateral vision. I’ve changed the vertical inclination of the monitor, and now it looks a lot darker, even though not totally the same as the Win10 one.

On C9.5 I wasn’t aware of the lateral vision issue, because I liked and used a lighter theme. Maybe I’ll change the monitor with a better one…

Thanks again to Steve, and to txbdan