Dark Dark Drak

Why are ALL the User Interface-Color Schemes SOOOO damn dark. I can find no way to lighten up the color on the mixer or inspector. I had a color set-up that was pleasing to my eye and I am used to since C6-C9 I believe and now with 9.5 this darkness is thrust upon us. Any ideas out there or am I stuck with this muddy looking interface? :angry:

Yes you can get them lighter but it takes some effort. There are a couple of approaches detailed in various threads here.

I got a light scheme by selecting the Custom Color Scheme in Preferences. Find a color you like even though it is too dark. Then go to Custom Colors where you can adjust the individual elements of the scheme so they are lighter.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve done that but there’s still no way to get it much lighter. To me the dark colors are depressing and certainly not creative in my view. I fail to see why it was necessary to mess with something that was just fine.

Totally agree it was a senseless thing to change. But you should be able to get it a bunch lighter. Attached is what I ended up with, which is pretty light. I could have gone lighter but was aiming to match what I had in 9.0. FYI I ran 9.0 & 9.5 side by side to make it easier to compare.

Most of the Custom Colors don’t let you adjust Hue, it will be whatever it was set at in Color Schemes. But (unlike Color Schemes) you have complete control over Brightness & Saturation so you can set an element to white if you like (i.e. Saturation=0, Brightness=100).

Personally, looking at tgat bright screeefor 10 hrs a day would kill me

To each his own. My control room is not brightly lit most of the time. I don’t like the dark screen and believe that is one thing they should have left alone as you could always darken the older versions. More latitude

Ok here’s a screen grab with settings as similar to yours as I could tell from the post. As you can see I still have the drab military brownish gray mixer and inspector panels. I friggin hate it. What am I doing that’s not working?

Can you post a pic of your color settings from C9??
Might be able to get you there if we know your preferences.

Sure, here you go

Please tell me I’m not stuck with this darkness…looking at the GUI I feel I’m stuck in some dark cold room in the North Kingdom at Winterfell

First, for your own safety, stay away from the dogs.

Yeah the MixConsole color seems hardwired to the base color in the scheme which limits the available range for Saturation & Brightness. However in Color Schemes on the Custom Color you can adjust the Hue. Still doesn’t let you make it very light, but maybe a dark blue will feel less oppressive than a dark gray.

I have to say this sucks and is quite disappointing and I see no reason for the decision to decide basically what engineers should set their GUI color range. I’ve been a loyal user, proponent and paying user of Cubase since VST32 and this darknonly selection has never been the case as far as I remember. Surely I can’t be the only one disappointed by this decision

I’m TOTALLY WITH YOU. Steinberg must be on a mental holiday to think that was a good idea. TERRIBLE IDEA to pigeonhole us with that crummy dark mixer. Great, the editor background can be changed, which I appreciate, but leaving out the mixer background color modification is straight irresponsible in my opinion.
I’m using the 9.5 trial right now and this is not encouraging me to update.

Yep I agree totally. I’m using the trial version myself and I probably won’t upgrade if this remains the same. I just don’t get it. It would be nice if someone from Steinberg or at least a mod would weigh in on why they took this step. It obviously has nothing to do with the feature set as it certainly is not a feature, or at least a welcome one IMHO

After foolishly thinking maybe the latest update 9.5.10 might address the GUI dilemma I’m facing this is what I now get…WTF

Here is my feature request for a light theme, consider supporting it.

I like it, easy to do some fast small adjustments and personally made it darker.
Dark is so much better for the eyes, I often work 12 hours straight in front of Cubase.
Not that I’m opposed to more in depth adjustment possibilities, but as it is now it fits my needs perfectly.
I find it a little funny how colors can upset people using a music/sound program, there are more important issues that needs to be addressed before IMHO.

That’s fine for you. I don’t like it and don’t appreciate Steinberg taking away my option to make it lighter. It’s ridiculous. What’s next telling me what volume I need to listen to with my monitors?

I get that. You could say I am lucky that it fits my taste.

Same here, the new default charcoal grey color ( against black!?) along with smaller fonts used for peak info on faders seems like a strange color choice to switch to.

Previously I have my fader widths zoomed to 24 tracks but with this darker change I need to zoom out to 18 to see them. Losing screen space & squinting to read key info isn’t a good feature change imo.