Dark Dark Drak

I don’t like the restriction one bit, but have found I can make it work OK for my specific situation. I spend the majority of my time in the Key & Score Editors writing and was able to get Key Ed set to be light. The MixConsole is stuck on seriously too dark. But when I’m mixing I’m spending more time looking at my X-Touch controller (which oddly is permanently set to dark brown-gray, whats up with that?) rather than the MixConsole.

Still the question remains - why did they think this was a good idea?

Someone PLease tell me how this is a choice. This is the most drab and uncreative color palate i can imagine. Like someone smeared mud over the entire page

Agree, especially for the preset Color Schemes. The Custom one will let you get some additional color involved - although these tend to only span the range from mud to garish.

I know what you mean, with all those restrictions of color I just can’t get my Hello Kitty color scheme just right.

Yikes, that really screams Goodbye Kitty! Me-ouch.

I guess for me, as long as I can have the edit windows lighter with dark lines and I can lighten up the cycle overlay I’m fine. I do set the background to a slightly less dark aqua, but you can’t tell that it is on the blue scale unless you really squint. It’s just not quite as dark as the default stuff. My biggest complaint is that you can’t do anything about the horrid contrast on the mixconsole. I literally can’t tell what is selected looking there. I can’t use it.

For example, three of these are currently selected … can you identify them? Keep in mind this is blown up, at actual size on a 2560x1600 monitor, it is even less obvious.

Wow, that’s a particularly damning example. You should post it over in the Feature Request thread about colors.

I’ve been nagging using this type of example for 2 years.

This whole colour thing is a mess and needs to be revoked. Dark, light, x-ray…have it your way is the answer. Every display type ( eg. VA vs IPS ) come with its own set of characteristics, difference in viewing angle, dynamic range etc. In order to compensate for their respective weaknesses, full gamut control is a must. 903 it shall remain until this is resolved.