Dark Desires movie features my track

A friend of mine said she was in a hotel room and heard my music on the TV.

‘What??’ I said.

‘Yea for a movie. I am positive it’s your song.’

So I found this on YouTube:

Nice :sunglasses:

Don’t they owe you some money? I guess I don’t know how it works exactly…

Yes. I will get a check, eventually. It looks like Dark Desires is going to be a series. I’m not sure if they used it in the show itself or just the commercials. So it will be interesting to see if it’s used more than just for the promos.


Yes, media companies such as this one making the promos for the TV show will browse library/production music lists on various label/licensing websites and if they like it they fill in a form for a quote. The label/licenser usually takes 20-30% of the composer/artists money and then your label/licenser will pay you. Some of the bigger labels/publisher make sure every time it’s played the royalties for performance are given to you, but if your music is in a smaller production music library then you’ll have to hunt down everytime your music is used yourself and fill in royalties stuff on sites like PRS.

Congrats again lights dude.

Congratulations ! It sounds great !!

Nice one mate, things are taking off eh? :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Who are you using my company takes 50% sorta sucks but I do still own Licensing and can use again with multiple companies.

This track was licensed by Jingle Punks, they are US-based.