Dark Mode Title Bar for Cubase 10 on Mojave 10.14 How-to

Hey guys,

I did some searching on the Apple Developer Documentation and found a small visual gem that may appeal to some. This is for macOS Mojave only.

So far, Cubase 10 doesn’t support Mojave’s Dark mode for UI elements such as the Title Bar, etc, which are still the Native grey color (light mode in Mojave).

So if you like to tinker a bit then go ahead.

I hope Steinberg can incorporate this natively in the next update!

Here’s Cubase 10 title bar with no mods:

Here’s Cubase after the mod:


  • In your /Applications folder find Cubase 10 and right click and select Show Package Contents
  • Navigate to Contents < Info.plist
  • Copy the Info.plist by right-clicking and selecting copy and place it on your Desktop (or anywhere you choose).
  • Download a plist editor such as PlistEdit Pro and open the Info.plist with PlistEdit Pro (or any plist editor you choose).

Since I’m using PlistEdit Pro, I’ll reference the steps with this program:

  • Select/highlight Root key and above, select the New Child button
  • Name this new key:
  • Click on the String class and choose Boolean
  • Change the value to NO

Essentially the code looks like this:


You can also use a String value and use True or False to determine your choice as well.

Everything seems to work fine in terms of stability BUT there is a weird splash screen and About screen issue that happens when this is in effect:

Splash screen:

About screen:

If you don’t care about these small details, then you’ll have a title bar and other UI window elements that now match your Dark Mode theme in Mojave.

can anyone confirm this works?

It works. The only issue I encountered was the weird splash screen bug. Other than that, it works.

I really hope Steinberg can implement this natively in a future update.

Me too. Thanks for posting, however I don’t want to take the risk, as I wouldn’t forgive myself if it had any unintended consequence.

I really like the look of the dark title bar.

… Steinberg?