Dark Planet - small differences in HALion 4.5 vs VSTi?


I’ve just bought Dark Planet and went through the presets using HALion 4.5, thinking it should sound the same plus I see the structure of the programs.

However, when I just loaded Dark Planet as a separate VSTi afterward, some of the presets sounds fuller, with more bass in the VSTi version.

Where does this difference come from?


Are you using the same ASIO driver for both versions?

Sure, I am using both of them within Cubase 7, both assigned to the same ASIO device (as Cubase does not handle more than one.)

Any idea?


Hi there,

There should be no differences since it is the same engine. Which presets are you talking about exactly?


ohhh, found the problem - on the 26th HALIon 4.5 output a low cut filter of MixConsole left switched on at 100 Hz. :laughing:

Sorry for creating noise. :blush:

Dark Planet is amazing stuff.


So what exactly is the advantages of using for example dark planet and the other vsts like hypnotic dance in halion 5 vs just using them as standalone? Will I be able to get into the programming of the sounds in halion as opposed to just being able to tweak what’s already there?

The standalone instruments should be a little easier to use but HALion will allow all the editing capabilities.

Would you care to elaborate on what those editing capabilities could look like? Right now I only have a set number or preset knobs I can tweak, anywhere from cutoff to swing, would halion 5 let me edit premade arpeggiators and other stuff on for example trip (which I have in halion sonic 2 se) on a more fundamental level?

The reason I’m asking all these silly questions is that I am having a serious hard time finding info about it online, and I’m only really trying to decide if getting halion 5 is worth it in that aspect of it not just the sampling.

What I really want to be able to do is use dark planet and hypnotic dance for example more like an actual synthesizer rather than just a rompler. Is that even possible?


Just download the H5 trial and try it out. Can’t go wrong with that! :smiley:

For some reason I had completely missed that, I didn’t think it was possible. Now I feel quite stupid. :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch I’ll definitely try it!