Dark Planet sound set

Hi was wondering Dark Planet sound set Loops
are they midi loops ?

Dark Planet isn’t a sound loop set.

It’s a VST instrument sound set.

Takes MIDI in, doesn’t put MIDI out.

From the advertisment…“Creepy sounds, shattering loops and eerie instruments — Dark Planet is best-suited for cinematic scores and musical excursions.” , Yes, it has loops. If it is the same as Hypnotic Dance, it will use step modulators, loops, samples, and virtual synth waveforms. The closest thing to midi loops will come from the flex-phraser.

I’m sure it includes a few loops, but you’re mainly paying for the 800+ presets and the ability to modulate them with flangers etc.

None of the replies answered my ?
Yes I know its a vst instrument sound set
Sorry I was vague in my in my post
hopefully someone who has it
will reply
as with the instrument sound set, are the loops midi…
Prologue Discoveries come’s with midi loops
as well as Synthesizers