Dark Planet stopped working after new win install

Dark Planet has been running fine in Ableton live suite 9.1.7

today i had to re-install windows. i re-installed albeton live suite 9.1.7 64bit, and tried to install dark planet 64bit.

the first problem was that it wanted an activation code, and it said mine was already used. OK no problem, i came here to my steinberg account and it quickly took the old one, and a serial from my new eLC, and generated a new activation code. But eLC told me it was too old to accept it, so i uninstalled it and installed the latest from elicenser.com. it then accepted the code fine, and all looks well.

but it just wont show up in abletone. i can see the files in the correct VSTPlugin directory, and my other 12 or so are loading fine, its just dark planet.

any ideas?

I got it working, in a bizarre way. I only tried it bc i was so frustrated.

Working on the theory that maybe the serial number of my eLC (even though it had valid dark planet and cubase licenses listed i had added earlier that day) didnt match what steinberg had, i went to my account on steinberg. I clicked on re-activate the eLicenser, and it asked for my eLicenser copy-paste serial code. i pasted it in, but could clearly see it was identical. i submitted it anyways, and got the error message saying “hey dummy thats the same one you already have registered” .

but dark planet instantly showed up.