Dark Planet VST

I’ve recently purchased and downloaded dark planet vst. I am still using cubase 5 with HalionOne. I’ve activated dark planet on my e-license, which has been verified. Dark planet appears in my VST list and can be opened in a cubase 5 new project. however, when attempting to edit instrument, there are no pre sets available. further in programme menu bar there is only one mentioned which is ‘dark energy’ and no others. At this moment in time dark planet VST is pretty much useless in it’s current form on my system. Any help or advice to get me up and running with dark planet would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

If I’m understanding your problem correctly, it would seem Dark Planet isn’t linked with it’s library. If that’s the case, you would need to create the proper path by using it’s browser.

Perhaps scan with MediaBay?

Hi jaslan, I’ve scanned with mediaBay but still no pre sets have appeared in dark planet :frowning: The preset menu in dark planet asks me to load pre sets or save pre sets, but there. any further advice would be welcome, cheers

Hi suprawill1, There is nothing in dark planet browser other than ‘dark energy’ :frowning: - when I click on browser in dark planet it asks me to ‘drop program here or click to load program’ but nothing happens, nothing to select. any further advice would be welcome , cheers

I’m obviously doing something wrong but haven’t figured out yet !