dark planet

patches show up in 64-bit version of cubase 6.5, but not in 32-bit version.

why is this ?


As seen here.



i just uninstalled everything and deleted all folders with the name Steinberg in.

I then put cubase 32 bit on, then installed the halion sonic se update to 1.6 and installed the dark planet sound collection again. all works fine, will steer clear of 64-bit version for the time being. bit of a waste really seeing as i have 24gb.

I’m glad you were able to find a solution, albeit a compromising one. Perhaps it may have been fixed with the deleting the preference folder fix.


maybe… hmm… because my plugs are 32-bit mostly, im sticking with 32-bit cubase, but i have 64-bit for future. just wanted to get some advice on here, thanks mate.