Dark Planet

Good day. I am interested to buy DARK PLANET, but unfortunately can not be purchased separately only in the collection that offers Padshop, Retrologue etc …
I have bought Cubase 7 where it Padshop plugins etc. exist. Separately I have a site Steinberega paid and downloaded online hypnotic dance.
I would much DarkPlanet, so I really do not know what to do now.
thank you

Sure, it can …

You can either buy it outright or buy an activation code to permanently activate a trial version …


We can not, on the pages I wrote:

This product is not available in your country.

I’m from Czech Republic

Oh, man! That sucks.

I don’t know why it would matter for a download purchase, especially since you say you previously purchased Hypnotic Dance.

Have you tried contacting support? Hopefully that is not unavailable for you, too. :neutral_face:

Yes, I wrote to support, well we’ll see.
Thank you.