Darker project background-How to achieve that?

Hello everyone,

Sorry if this has been asked before here, but I have upgraded to Cubase 6 and I was wondering how can achieve the darker background color on the project page like shown here:


in this pic:


I like the gray background but I would also like to play with the darker background that is the third in the row.

All I could find is change the color of the mixer and the color intensity of the grid in the editors.

Thank you in advance for any reply. I hope I can get rid of the fatiguing WHITE project background.

I did this a few days ago, through the Preferences menu… I remember being a bit confused too. Can’t remember exactly how I made it work, … You might want to try the page with the mixer on it, or the “background” option in the preferences page. One thing to keep in mind is you may have to quit and reenter Cubase for the changes to apply.

Alexis has the right idea, and to add to that- it’s preferences>Appearance>work area you need to get to, then you’ll see Project Window with a slider for Work Area Brightness. That particular setting does update without restarting.

Thank you, I was away from my studio but I tried it and it worked!

Nice touch there!