Darkfolk/Orchestral Pop/Electro

I’ve been working on some new stuffs lately and on bringing back 2 of my best works (track 2 and track 4), sadly I can’t remix those 2 tracks since I lost the files, but I mixed them up and categorized them as useable in my work portfolio. I intend to make music for visual, most likely short movies or horror games (track 1 is the best example). Hope you like this vision.


Hey man. I really like no 3. I could see that being in a game if it was tidied a bit. It’s simple and effective. I don’t think “Demon” fits the first song, though. The trouble with posting so many tracks, is there’s too much to say, but the basic common theme in my ear is that you need more effects, better mixing and some mastering. It’s a bit dry and some of the elements don’t interact well (from a mixing perspective - they bog each other down). You need either you or someone else to go through each element of each song and use EQ and effects to make them as impactful as possible without interfering with other elements. After that, you need to master them, making all the elements into a cohesive mix, and you can also give them a brighter, wider feel. Listen to songs from games to give you an example of what your goal is. Sorry to be critical, my work is far from perfect! But I think the songs have potential, they just need some attention and polishing. Keep it up and good luck!