Darned if I can find a simple 'breath mark' (looks like a comma)

I’m stumped. Surely there is the simple breath mark that looks like a comma amongst all the articulations.

Apparently I’m brane-dead and need articulation resuscitation.

William Zeitler

It’s not considered an articulation. Click on the Holds and Pauses option along the right hand side in Write Mode (the Fermata shaped option).

BTW - you’re not alone in having trouble with this - it took me a while to figure out

Or Shift H and type the comma from the keyboard (or the word comma).

Honestly, I find this very logical that it is NOT an articulation… But granted, we’ve been used to so many unlogical things in the computer world (I mean inlogical for human brains) that sometimes, it’s surprising to find logical stuff !

Duh, there it is! Thanks!

This is not unlike how tremolos are in the repeats section. Seems funny at first, but the more you think about it, the more you realize the wisdom in it.

For these sorts of situations (where you’re struggling to find something) I’d recommend casting an eye over the PDF manual’s index - I’ve tried to fill it with as many possible synonyms and ways of finding things as possible :slight_smile:

Lillie, you’re a hero! No, seriously, your efforts are really appreciated. Good, comprehensive documentation is so important for innovative software!

EDIT: And I guess you’re about the only person on this forum who’s happy because we’ll have to wait for v3 a little longer than anticipated… :wink: