Dashed barlines omitted from numbering?

In the following example, I’m wanting to use dashed barlines just to aid the eye, but I don’t want them to count as barlines in numbering. The meter is open.

Is there a way to get the dashed barlines without Dorico considering them as bars?

If you have a regular time signature this works, but apparently not for Open meter. If you enter the entire measure (without the dashed barline) then add it by Shift-B on the note after the point where you want it, it doesn’t count the barline. The same is true with double barlines. It’s not ideal but you could put a hidden meter rather than going with open meter.

Thanks, it feels less time-consuming to do bar number changes in that case.

write your time signatures for each “half” of the measure. in this case, 9/8 and 13/8

but write them as “9/8|13/8”, then in the bottom panel/zone, check “hide time signature”.

Yes, these are going to be single measures, with a dashed barline in the middle (or wherever you set the time.)

the only graphical issue is that the piano staves will not “connect” where there are the dashed lines. in other words, the dashed lines will only appear within the individual staves, and only where there are notes. if there is a bar of all silence, the dashed line will not appear.