Dashed Clefs

Hi Team,

Can a dashed clef (for tracing treble and bass clef exercises) be created with the Symbols Editor?

Sorry if this is annoying- I have tried to understand the editor but I can’t get my head around it :frowning:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Not really. The Symbols Editor doesn’t really allow you to “create” glyphs, only to exchange them for something else.

If you have a vectored image of a clef, you use that to create a new custom playing technique, and place that PT on the staff.

I wonder if this is something Daniel might consider adding to Bravura? A simple, hand-drawn treble and bass clef glyph for educational worksheets would be pretty useful for educators, I think.

Thanks Dan :slight_smile:

You can of course create your own dashed glyph, based on an existing Bravura symbol, in an artwork drawing package, like Affinity Designer, Inkscape, Graphic, Illustrator, etc, and then import it into a clef that you’re not using in your project.

Yes, it’s not something I would be planning to add to Bravura, I’m afraid, but as Ben says, if you have a vector art program, you can import the treble clef character, convert it to outlines, then set the stroke to be dashed.

Thanks Ben, Daniel,

I have strayed to look at Illustrator to learn how to do this :slight_smile: