Dashed / dotted ties and slurs

Non-musician here, so bear with me, please.

I’m inputting lyrics to hymns. Sometimes in a certain stanza one syllable is sung over two notes, either the same notes (tie) or different notes (slur). (That is my understanding of the terminology.) In the same place in the music, other stanzas might have two syllables on two notes (in which case a tie / slur would be unnecessary).

When we have a hymn with this variation, I think it would be best to have the ties and slurs be either dotted or dashed to show that there is a difference in different stanzas.

(Q1) What is better: dotted or dashed?
(Q2) How can I change a specific tie or specific slur into a dotted or slurred one?
(Q3) And back to a regular one?

If anyone wants to chime in on the wisdom of this or provide other input, feel free – I won’t be offended.

Thank you. I appreciate all the helpful advice one can get from the expert Dorico users who participate in this forum.

I like dashed ties or slurs. Select the slur or note with a tie, open the properties panel (at the bottom) and change to whatever style you want.

Thank you, @JAMES_GILBERT.

I appreciate it. I had looked in the Dorico 5 Operation Manual, but didn’t find it.

The attached images are samples where one hymnal uses regular ties (not dashed or dotted), and where I used your method to use dashed ties.