Dashed-line that isn't attached to duration?


Is it possible to have a line that isn’t attached to duration/bar? See attached, I need a line between my fingering graphics (the red one is done on PDF as example).


Assuming the graphics are Playing Techniques, select the first one, Cmd/Ctrl-click the second one, right-click > Playing Techniques > Group Playing Techniques.

If you want to customise the type of line shown by default, go to Engrave > Playing Techniques, select the relevant playing technique in the left section, then go to the Continuation tab. From there you can set the Transition line to whatever you like. You can also customise this locally from the Engrave mode properties panel (using the Line style property).

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Aha, thanks @pianoleo. I’ve done that, but is there then a way to control vertical position of the line? I need to it to specifically point from the LH3 hole (because later in the piece I’ll need multiple lines pointing to different parts of the fingering).

Ultimately I need complete control of the graphic placement of the line, and for its start/end points to stay anchored relative to the beat it’s attached to (so the bar moves or changes size the line will move with it).

The options for the placement of the line in Engrave > Playing Techniques aren’t as granular as you like, I don’t think. It’s Top/Center/Baseline/Bottom.

The good news is that as soon as you group the Playing Techniques, they are automatically aligned in a row (though you can nudge the right one up or down in Engrave mode if necessary). Any manual adjustment you make to the line, in Engrave mode, is relative to the positions of the two Playing Techniques. In real terms, that means that if the notes under the Playing Techniques get higher or lower, the Playing Techniques may move upwards or downwards but will remain aligned to each other. If the notes become longer (meaning the space between the two playing techniques needs to be smaller), or the notes become shorter and greater in number (meaning the space between the two playing techniques needs to be greater), Dorico will automatically adjust the length of the line: Playing Techniques are beat-attached.

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Thanks, your patience and advice is appreciated.