Dashed slurs in score appears solid in parts

  1. How to change a slur in the score from solid to dashed, so it also appears dashed in the part.??
  2. And next problem. I already have finished the score, but the parts still are with only solid slurs. Can I “export” the appearance of slurs from score to parts??

Make sure you have Set local properties set to Globally or use Edit->Propagate Properties afterward.



Thank you very much. This was a great help. I had made more than a hundred dashed slurs - and the computer suddenly died of some reason. Made the changes once more - and got your help. I just have to select in the score and then propagate.
Yours Arne

Great, if you don’t want to propagate other things, you could Select all, then filter for slurs first. Most of the time I have properties set to Globally when working with the score and locally when working with parts. It’s easy to forget to change though.
Would be nice with a preference to auto switch between score and parts.


Good advice.
I have used 2 bongos on the same staff, the deep bongo with stem down. This property is propagated- But the text “to bon” occurs several times in each bar. I set the size to almost nothing and the text disappears, but this “property” cannot be propagated. So I have to do the work in several percussion scores and in the main score. But nevertheless, I love Dorico for its many fine possibilities.