Dashed Slurs & Ties, Tie behavior

Hi Folks,

Been searching around the forum about this and didn’t seen anything recent/resolved. Is the failure of dashed slurs & ties to appear still a known bug? Is there an anticipated timeline on a fix?

I’ve tried changing the properties in both write and engrave mode, redownloaded Dorico, made sure it was updated, tried starting a new score in case it was an issue with oder versions…etc.

Additionally, I’m having an issue with ties in percussion kits – when I try to tie “chords” in a percussion kit, only one voice/note of the chord is preserved in the tie, and the others disappear. Is this also a bug? or did I miss something in the settings/properties? (I’ve also tried the old force duration work around and it does not affect the vertical stacking)


I’m not sure under what circumstances dashed slurs and ties wouldn’t be working for you: could you attach a minimal project that reproduces the problem (zip it up first) so I can take a look?

I don’t seem to be able to make the error/issue occur on a new file, but on previous projects that I work on now (and for the example and saved an old project as another copy and tried again to add a slur and make it dashed with no success (section edited in periwinkle) and it remains a problem. The issue is that none of these “older” projects is that old - the example I sent was started just about a month ago - and when I began the projects I didn’t notice any issues…so it feels like a problem that is coming up after a project is already under way…

Thanks so much for looking into this! :slight_smile:

Dashed Slur Issue Example.dorico.zip (862 KB)

Oh also, any idea about the behavior issue of ties on percussion kits? Thanks again!

The problem is due to the fact that these slurs are on percussion kits. This is a bit subtle and something that Dorico should handle a bit better than it does at present. When you view a percussion kit using the grid or five-line staff presentation type, you’re actually viewing a sort of combined staff that brings together the music belonging to all of the source instruments, including things like slurs. The slur you see at bar 14, for example, actually belongs to one of the percussion instruments but is then drawn on the combined staff. When you try to set properties on that slur, Dorico isn’t correctly able to translate the properties back to the original item, and so the properties end up in a kind of limbo where they appear to be set in the panel but don’t actually take effect.

The way to get around this is to go to the Players page of Layout Options an choose to make the music for that player appear on ‘Single instruments’ instead of a grid or five-line staff temporarily. Delete and recreate the slur, and make it dashed here. Then when you set back to ‘5-line staff’ it will remain dashed.

Unfortunately, because the style of a slur is a property that is independent between score and part layouts, you’ll need to do the same procedure in the part layout as well. (We know this is inconvenient and we are pondering the best solution to retain the flexibility of being able to make these things independent when necessary without requiring you to do the work twice.)

You may also find that your tie problem can be solved by doing the tying in the single instruments presentation type rather than the kit presentation type.

Thanks so much Daniel for both the workaround and the commitment to find a better solution in the future! So helpful. Generally been loving working in Dorico thus far! : )