Dashed subdivisions

Is there any possibility to get the follwing result (without the dashed barlines and without any secondary beaming [maybe even by default])?:

And not the Dorico default like this:

Thanks in advance.

Yours, Oliver.

I know you can get rid of the secondary beaming in the properties panel (split secondary beam)

This might not be documented anywhere, but you can type 3/16:2/8:3/16 into the Shift+M popover, i.e. use colon : instead of | as the separator between the time signatures and Dorico won’t show dashed barlines as subdivisions in aggregate time signatures.

Great tip, Daniel ! Thanks

Thanks Daniel and Marc! It’d be great if there was an option to beam the four semiquavers together by default. Otherwise I would have to do it manually in every single bar.

Thank you to the whole Dorico team for the great work!

Yours, Oliver

And Happy Easter, by the way!

Use your desired time sig only for measure 1. Then change it for measure 2 on to get the grouping you want, but hide the time sig


Thank you Derrek!

This would work(around) great if it was the only time signature within the piece. But there so many time signature changes all over the place that this wouldn’t be a very practicable way to go. Thanks anyway.

Oliver, don’t the time signatures reflect the rhythm of the bars? Isn’t it a good thing if the beaming reflects the rhythmical structure (especially if there are a lot of changes)?

Yes, I get what you mean. But I think that the standard semiquaver beaming reflects the rhythmical structure quite nicely. And the additional subdivisions rather fail to please the eye, because they look quite inconsistent.