dat ids in wavelab 7

Hi, I have a problem with import dat ids with wavelab 7, I have a fireface 800 connected by spdif to a sony Pcm-r700 (TMS on). With digiCheck, I can see the start id, hence it functions!!! I checked in the wavelab record window “get DAt start ids” if was enabled. I tried the asio driver and the mme driver audio, but when I record the id is not imported!!! I tried record to 16/24/32 bit some advice??

You have to record to 24 bit. It does not work if you record to 16 bit, because the id information is transported in the 8 additional bits.
Are you sure it does not work with 24 bit reccording?

This only works in 24 bits and with the MME driver with WaveLab. But I must this was not tested for a long long time.

HI Yes , I tried 16-24 and 32bit with mme driver, but nothing!!!

I have no DAT hardware to test this function. I’m pretty sure it worked with vo 6. If you have WaveLab 6, you could try it.

HI Philippe, I tried with wavelab 6 and 7 but it is the same !
I have a lot of dat cassette with a lot of index to transfer, I need this function!!! please Can you help me?

I think it is not a software problem but a hardware problem.
It works here with WL5 if I connect the SPDIF output from the DAT directly to the SPDIF input of my RME DIGI 96/8 soundcard. However, if I route the DAT SPDIF out to my Apogee PSX-100 and record in WL5 from the AES out of the Apogee, then the DAT IDs are not transfered.
With WL7 (on my other computer) I can only test with the Apogee routing, which does not transfer the DAT IDs, but I suspect it would be working if had the possibility to connect the SPDIF out from the DAT directly to my soundcard in the PC (which unfortunately I don’t have).

Hi Lutz, I have checked with rme digicheck and the ids has found by my firewire 800¨!

Do you have the possibility to test with WL5?

no, I don’t have 5 version

Ok , I tried with wavelab 5 and another rme card DIGI96/8 pad and all functions in windows XP system, but the card is not mine!!!
now the problem is fireface 800??? windows 7??? wavelab 6/7?

Your problem is way too many exclamation / question marks.

Possibly RME has dropped support of this feature in the MME driver. I think they gave up developing MME drivers some months ago. Ask them if this feature is implemented in the last MME driver for FireFace.

I have installed wavelab 7 in XP pc , and what happens?? ids doesn’t functions! with wavelab 5 all ok with wavelab 7 no!!! hence the problem is wavelab 6 and 7

Hi, I tried this function with samplitude demo , and all function well!!! I used the asio driver!!!
any wavelab updates???

Maybe in next update, but I can’t guarantee it now.

I also need the Dat-Id feature. So are there any updates about this case?
Will it be fixed in the upcoming update?

Sorry, no change on this issue in upcoming update.

im still waiting for a fix. Couldn´t be so difficult…