DAT transfer issue

I’m trying to S/PDIF transfer old DATs to Cubase 12 using a Focusrite Scarlet 1818. The transfers work fine with 44.1 tapes but when I try to transfer 48k tapes, the sample rate on the device settings of the Scarlet keeps switching back to 44.1 so nothing transfers when I hit record. Any idea why it keeps switching back to 44.1?

You need to adjust the sample rate on your sound card to 48k

I do that but it keeps jumping back to 44.1

Is your Dat machine set to 48khz , is the tape 48kz ? If you adjust the Asio driver to 48kz and the tape is 48khz then you should be transferring correctly

The DAT is at 48K so I switch the audio card to 48 but it switches back . I have also tried changing the clock source from internal to S/PDIF but it just keeps jumping back to 44.1

What sound card are you using some are restricted to 44.1khz for spdif , have you checked all the settings on your asio app ?

The solution depends on your DAT player and what is the ‘master’ clock

You can’t have 2 clocks fighting to be the master - they won’t lock for any meaningful length of time.

If you’re not clocking the DAT player from an external source then you most likely need to set the Focusrite to clock from the incoming S/PDIF signal - and then in Cubase set it up to clock to be “externally clocked”

it’s in the manual :slight_smile:

It’s also possible that the DAT tape has sections (gaps) that are at 44.1khz ? ( It’s technically possible - but very bad engineering practice). If so you should still be able to get lock for long enough to dump the 48khz sections into Cubase.

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Original poster already answered both these questions

Which s/pdif sound cards are restricted to 44.1khz ? not sure I know of any (and as I mentioned, OP already said he set it to 48khz)

You deal with it then

I thought I had ?

I’m still interested in which soundcards s/pdif inputs are restricted to 44.1khz.

Try this:
open new Project in Cubase > go to Project Menu > then Project settings > change sample rate to 48khz > hit OK.

If you have ADAT connected, ensure that your interface is not using 44.1khz for the ADAT inputs/Outputs.