Data BackUp Methodology

I’m researching methods of backing up data. I’ve got a lot of stuff… system drive, audio drive, data drive, and laptop drive. The first three are in the desktop. I have Archronis and have typically used that to create drive images. Otherwise, I have manually been moving files to the data drive or burning discs. This makes for too much work and too much room for error.

I’ve been looking at Drobos and other external NAS. Price point is an issue. I’ve also thought about Blu-Ray burning.
Bottom line… I’m interested to know what you do for back ups.

Any good solutions?

my 2 favs
Paragon (allows for auto back up in incrementals (daily weekly etc)
Drobo or any network storage. can even be an old computer with a raid 5 set up in it…
a raid 5 is prefered

Could RAID 1 not also provide the same fault tolerance as RAID 5? One drive goes… information is still safe. What’s the advantage of using RAID 5? Can RAID 5 be setup with three discs?

I’ve been eye-balling the Drobo hardcore. It looks simple and more bullet proof than RAID 5. (Guessing it uses RAID 6 or similar proprietary)

i use an 8 bay Drobo here. i am sure its in raid 5 mode. i would not do any critical back ups to it if it were not.
on my server i have reduandant raid 6 then its backed up to the drobo as well.
add to that an ext for off site (that i tend to forget to swap out every friday…)

raid 1 is no where near as safe as some think. i have had issues rebuilding in the past
however one of my guys has a raid 1 on his computer here and had to rebuild with it… it actually worked this time.
while important it is not a mission critical system.
i think the onboard controllers have become better since my last bad experiance with raid 1/10.

Drobo’s can handle two-drive failures (from what I’ve read). Doesn’t that indicate something other than RAID 5 (one drive fault tollerance)?