Data Organization- Presets, Plugins etc.

I am encountering frustration in data organization with Cubase. I would like to be able to organize things like presets into sub-folders of my choosing. I don’t see a direct way to accomplish this. Am I missing something? As of now, track presets come up in a list in the the order that they were created and plugin user presets are mixed in with factory presets.


Yeah, I agree with you in a way but then everything in C6 has changed from C5. I would add that (in WinXP anyway, running C6) there is a VST3 Preset folder that appears in a My Documents with just the user modified presets for the particular VST plugin. Is this what you want?

But you know what? When you say you would want a separate folder with just the user presets? What good does it do you? You can’t see or adjust the parameters. But I suppose you could erase them if you wanted - is this your goal?

Something to consider is that Cubase can’t tell your plug-ins where to store their presets so even if Cubase did this there would still be some scattering of presets unless all vendors gave the choice.

Think it still needs more thought and work from Steinberg, I find it cumbersome and frustrating at times too. And it seems that it works slightly differently for different plugins and so it interrupts my flow. Also I don’t like the way the preset window sits over the plugin - I can’t see the settings that a preset recalls and I can’t find a way to move the window to the side to reveal them.