database problem

I open my database (.dba) in wavelab but in the right of the screen some folders ( in green) are empty now!
How can I recover or my files?
I open the database (.dba) in notepad++.exe and I can see the name of the files : can I reset or refresh the database?

I put 10.000 in the preference of the max size but does change anything?
Hope for a solution
best regards

like W6 no more support by DG?
But I don’t think that the database has changed in W7, and the problem will be surely the same.
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Please upload a screen shot.

Here is a link with the problem:

Merci Philippe de ton aide… le lien du pdf montre un de ces fichieres disparus dans wavelab mais présent dans le
code si je l’ouvre dans notepad++
En ouvrant une ancienne base *.dba le fichier est là …
et comme ça arrive de temps en temps, je ne sais plus si j’ai confiance dans l’utilisation de ces bases…

The database module is very solid (tested with many automated tests), but is has a weak point: if there is a disk error (eg. bad sector), there is a big risk to loose something. I could imagine this is the case here. Hence the importance to make backups.
I can’t give a solution, unfortunatly :frowning:
But maybe you can recover the file reference, by inserting it again in the database?