DAW-As-Instrument, DAW-As-Sound-Design-Tool

I agree that VST automation in Cubase is overdue for extra dev love. I hope it is in the plan…meanwile we endure making it through the process of going dongle free, good support for the newer multi core processors, getting the new remote system working well, etc.

I think for a few dev cycles yet, our instruments and bolt on plugins will remain essential. Knowing them well can save alot of headaches.



  • We can vote in the forum for feature requests like this.

  • Votes are finite, but can be freely re-allocated at any time. So the votes are effectively a current “top 5” for every forum user.


It might just be that I will have to eat my own words, because I just accidentally stumbled (in the manual) on Cubase’s own “FX Modulator” plugin, which at least looks like it provides the modulation options I was after. But then, maybe not. Will experiment with it.

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It can be, but it’s pretty basic and nothing compared to what you can do in Bitwig.

What a ridiculous concept…